UI/UX Designer Must Aware Of Designing Fundamentals

April 6, 2022

2022 is a perfect time to get started in the UX/UX field. Glassdoor’s data shows “UX Designer” in the top 50 jobs to do in America based on earnings, job satisfaction and job openings. Many paths will lead anybody to become UI/UX designer. As per the listings on Linkedin, we have compiled the following skills every UI/UX designer should know. Along with FAANG companies, all major IT companies worldwide are actively recruiting for the same post.

UX designers are supposed to use two skills in their work. First are skills that they need for their work, i.e., technical skills and second are more general.

1. Prototyping, wireframes, mockup, user flows

To test ideas before their actual implementation is the goal of prototyping, and it is a crucial part of the UI/UX design process. Designers can create various prototypes to test a website or application or even a feature.

A wireframe is a blueprint that will help developers and designers to understand the structure of a website or application.

Mockups reflect how the final product will look by considering colours, icons, and typography used in the product or application, or website.

When a user visits a website, he/she can take any random path to explore the website. User flows is a diagram that depicts path a user takes while viewing a website.

2. Knowledge of visual design and design software

Apart from using the designing tool like Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, the designer must know other aspects well, including typography, colour combination, layout, and icons.

3. Agile UX design

One of the standard software development models companies has followed is the Agile model. It is an iterative model to build software. Because most companies have used it to build the product, it would be better for the designer to know this model’s working. Agile UX design – this word came into existence because the agile model and UX overlapped significantly. Anybody can start from the basics of the agile model.

4. Information architecture and product development

When you have an enterprise-level website that has 1000 pages, then it becomes crucial to organize information so that the user finds it easy what they are looking for.

Knowing complete product development in the IT world can help UX designers understand many things like communicating and collaborating well with software developers. Designers will have a more straightforward approach to what can be done as far as designing is concerned.

5. Collaboration, Communication, and Presentation

Collaboration and Communication are two sides of a coin, and they go hand in hand. If one is good at Communication, collecting valuable customer data becomes easy and visualizes it. They can be presented in front of the investors of the company.

It is a general skill that every UX designer needs to know.

If one is in the field of or wants to be a UX designer, then the above are essential skills. If not, one can acquire it from the ground up and get a competitive advantage in the job market.

Table of Content

  • Prototyping, wireframes, mockup, user flows
  • Knowledge of visual design and design software
  • Agile UX design
  •  Information architecture and product development
  • Collaboration, Communication, and Presentation

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