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Codeflash is a leading On-Demand Doctor App Development company, known for our innovative and reliable telemedicine and doctor appointment booking app solutions. Our expertise lies in crafting custom doctor appointment booking apps that transform healthcare services.

Our seasoned team of healthcare app developers combines technical prowess with a profound understanding of the industry, resulting in secure, user-friendly, and compliant doctor appointment apps.

Whether you need telemedicine app development, clinic appointment booking software, or complete healthcare mobility solutions, choose Codeflash as your trusted mobile app development partner for top-tier on-demand doctor app solutions.

Develop an On-Demand Doctor App Solutions like Practo

With Codeflash’s specialized On-Demand Doctor App Development solutions like Practo, unlock the future of healthcare. Our ground-breaking method transforms how medical services are obtained and provided, empowering people and healthcare professionals. We design & develop custom mobile apps to improve the healthcare experience, from telemedicine to appointment booking and medication administration.

White label on-demand doctor App development Agency

As your go-to provider of white-label doctor apps, Codeflash enables companies to introduce their branded doctor app development solutions quickly. With a feature-rich and personalized platform, you may enter the doctor market quickly thanks to our competence in white-label doctor app development. We provide seamless integration of your branding components into the app since we recognize the value of strong brand identification. CodeFlash’s white-label doctor appointment booking app solutions offer the ideal foundation for your success, allowing you to concentrate on what counts – expanding your logistics business.

Want To Hire on-demand doctor App Development Company In India?

Are you looking for a reputable on-demand doctor app development firm in India? CodeFlash is the solution. Our skilled doctor app development team develops user-friendly apps for doctors, hospitals, small clinics with international best practices. Regarding modern healthcare app development in India, CodeFlash is your go-to on-demand app development partner for telemedicine, appointment scheduling, and prescription administration services.

Revolutionize Healthcare with Our Custom On-Demand Doctor Apps

With our specialized on-demand doctor apps, we at Codeflash are committed to bringing about a revolution in healthcare. We aim to create creative, user-centric, secure apps to revolutionize how healthcare services are delivered and accessed. We develop specialized solutions with a thorough grasp of the healthcare sector that enable patients, link healthcare providers, and speed up the delivery of medical care.

Our specialized on-demand doctor apps pave the way for accessible, effective, and patient-focused healthcare, whether it be through telemedicine, appointment booking, prescription management, or entire healthcare platforms. Help us transform healthcare by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and customized solutions.

Want To Hire Dedicated Team Of on-demand doctor App Developers?

Are you interested in making your idea for an on-demand doctor app a reality? Hire a committed group of pro-on-demand doctor app developers from CodeFlash who are enthusiastic about modernizing healthcare services. Join forces with CodeFlash to advance healthcare via innovation, accessibility, and efficiency with the help of our talented team of on-demand doctor app developers.


Expert on-demand doctor app developers


Dedicated team for your project


Customized app development


Telemedicine solutions


Appointment booking systems


Ongoing development and support


Tailored app to meet unique requirements


Innovation in healthcare services

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Factors That Impact the Cost of Developing a on-demand Doctor App

Numerous variables affect how much it will cost to construct an on-demand doctor application. The platform used for app development, the complexity of the program, its features, its design, and other elements all determine the overall cost. For iOS or Android, the price may be between $10K and $45K. For the precise price, schedule a free consultation right away.

Practo clone vs. Tailored Custom Doctor App Development

Choosing between off-the-shelf Practo clone solutions and Codeflash's specialized custom app development can make all the difference in your on-demand doctor app. While healthcare app clone solutions provide you with a head start, our customized app development makes sure that your software perfectly matches your individual vision and business requirements. With Codeflash, you receive a platform that is customized to your needs and combines cutting-edge functionality, secure telemedicine solutions, and an intuitive user experience. By choosing our customized development, you are not simply entering the market but creating a unique niche for yourself in the healthcare industry.

Custom on-demand doctor App Development

At Codeflash, we specialize in developing unique on-demand doctor apps that enable entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals to revolutionize medical services. Our team of skilled mobile app developers works with you to establish a customized, user-friendly, and safe platform that smoothly connects patients with medical professionals. Our experience in on-demand doctor app development guarantees that your vision becomes a reality, whether you want to construct a telemedicine app, an appointment booking system, or a comprehensive healthcare software solution.

Buy practo Clone Source code

Using the Practo Clone Source Code, you may unleash the potential for innovation in the healthcare sector. You may rapidly and effectively launch your healthcare app with the help of practo like app clone solution. readymade source code enables you to create a robust and user-friendly platform for scheduling appointments, telemedicine, managing prescriptions, and more using features modeled after those of the well-known Practo app. By utilizing the strength of Practo app clone Source Code, which is customized to your specific business vision and demands,

Why choose Codeflash Infotech?

With the help of a top-notch team of talented developers with years of experience in the field, we provide cutting-edge, on-demand doctor app solutions.


We have a proven track record of successfully developing and launching food delivery apps.


We have a deep understanding of the food delivery industry and can offer valuable insights and recommendations.


We can customize the app to meet the specific needs of the business, ensuring that it stands out from competitors.


We focus on providing a high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly app that delivers an exceptional user experience.

Customer support

We provide dedicated customer support throughout the development process and beyond to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.


We have a strong portfolio of successful food delivery app projects that demonstrate their capabilities and expertise.

Offering Competitive Solutions with Our Expertise in on-demand doctor App Development

At CodeFlash, we are aware of the complexity of the healthcare sector and the rising demand for all-inclusive on-demand doctor app solutions. While developing on-demand doctor apps is our area of expertise, we take satisfaction in expanding our knowledge to provide a range of healthcare-related app services. Our team is committed to meeting your needs, whether you're looking to facilitate remote consultations, prescription delivery, medical supplies, or customized wellness services. With CodeFlash, you are not restricted to a single app; we give you the tools to develop innovative solutions for all aspects of the healthcare industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have over 11 years of business experience and have developed a thorough understanding of the on-demand doctor app development. The knowledgeable on-demand app developers at codeflash infotech stay current with the newest technological advances. You may count on receiving top-notch doctor applications by the due date.

Please be specific when describing your business plan, the features you wish to include, your rivals, your target market, and your deadline. The likelihood of alterations and revisions decreases with the amount of information you provide. As a result, it will enable you to save time, money, and effort.

The tech stack will change depending on the app’s complexity, functionality, third-party integration, etc. The technology stack that we employ looks like this:

  • Android – Java, iOS – Swift
  • Back-end development using Node.js and PHP
  • Front-end development using Angular and ReactJS
  • Payment methods using Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe
  • Push notifications: Twilio and

Of course, I say. We can create an online physician application similar to MDLive, Livehealth Online, etc. Let us know what you need so we can create a doctor app specifically for you.

The following parties stand to gain from the online doctor app:

Hospitals, doctors, patients, private clinics, and staff