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Are you looking to create secure and SEO-friendly web applications? Hire skilled Angularjs developers from Codeflash for your project needs. We are a leading AngularJS development agency providing talented frontend developers worldwide.

Whether you want to hire an Angular team for your project needs or hire individual fullstack Angular experts, we have flexible engagement models for all your needs. We build your app development team through careful screening and interviews, including Angular coders, QA testers, and project managers. So you can hire a team of dedicated developers to build an app from scratch.

Hire Dedicated Developers for the following Services

Our Angular developers have the skills and expertise to build, test, and launch user-friendly scalable AngularJS applications. Set up their built-in scalable web app on your business seamlessly to grow your business. We tailor our AngularJS development services according to the needs of the client project.


Angular Web and Mobile App Development

Our Dedicated Angularjs developers excel in web and mobile application development. It's sure that hiring a talented developer from Codeflesh will make your project go smoothly without any problems.


Angular E-commerce Portal Development

Our front-end experts can create secure and growth-oriented e-commerce portals using Angular and other backend frameworks. So, you hire Codeflesh's skilled Angular developers to build your eCommerce portal.


UI/UX Development Services

Enhance the look of your web applications with custom Angular UI/UX development services offered by our dedicated AngularJS developers. They can make your online presence more attractive.


Custom Angular Plug-in Development

Our Frontend experts have expertise in developing enterprise grade custom Angular plug-ins. These plug-ins make any web application highly interactive and fast.


Ajax Development

Our dedicated Angular developers have the skills to use the latest Ajax technologies like JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and XML HTTP requests. By using their expertise, you can grow your business.


AngularJS to Angular Migration

As a leading AngularJS development company, we can help you migrate from AngularJS to Angular smoothly. We ensure the migration is smooth and secure with no data loss.

Skills of Codeflash AngularJS Developers

Our talented AngularJS developers are well-versed in all-in-one frontend and backend solutions  so they are ready to deliver the best possible AngularJS solutions with ease. Hire dedicated Angular developers from Codeflesh if you want to develop cross-platform applications with expertise.

Technical Expertise

Our senior AngularJS developers have years of experience and expertise in using Angular by which they can easily deliver top-notch solutions to all their clients.

Non-Technical Skills

Our Angular developers excel in both technical and non-technical skills. We prioritize soft skills, equipping our developers with effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

Hire Certified AngularJS App Developers As Per Project Needs

Codeflash ensures that our skilled Angular JS developers have all the necessary resources to meet your project requirements, striving to satisfy all types of clients and ensuring their happiness. Our developers can adapt precisely to your needs. We offer a wide range of skills, whether you're seeking Lead Angular JS developers or Junior Developers. With us, you'll find the perfect option for your project needs.

Junior AngularJS Developer

0-3 Years of Working Experience,
5-10 Projects Delivered,
3500+ Development Hours Completed

Mid-level AngularJS Developers

2-4 Years of Working Experience,
15+ Projects Delivered,
7500+ Development Hours Completed

Senior AngularJS Developers

6+ Years of Working Experience,
20+ Live Projects Delivered,
11000+ Development Hours Completed

Lead AngularJS Developers

8+ Years of Working Experience,
25+ Live Projects Delivered,
15000+ Development Hours Completed

Technical Expertise of Dedicated AngularJS Developers

Our experts excel at selecting the perfect blend of technologies for each project, making our Angular solutions top-notch. They masterfully assess clients' needs and choose the ideal technologies to match.

Why Choose Codeflash to Hire AngularJS App Developers?

Codeflash is a leading AngularJS development company. You can hire Dedicated AngularJS developers based on your project needs, budget, and schedule. Here's the reason to choose us.

Angular Expertise

Our dedicated Angular programers have the expertise to deliver scalable applications that are robust, maintainable, adaptive, and reach with additional features.

Cost & Time Savings

Hire a Codeflash AngularJS Developer to save your time and cost whether hiring permanent staff or hiring overhead. Our talented Angular developers provide the best possible web app solutions as per your requirements.

Time-Zone Flexibility

Codeflash is a leading AngularJS app development company serving clients from almost all countries. Our highly skilled developers work flexibly in different time zones and client schedules.

No Delays in Project Deadline

Our developers prioritise AngularJS development project delivery according to clients' time. We ensure an agile development methodology for quick iterations and faster project completion.

Security & Confidentiality

We ensure that your ideas are safe with us. Our AngularJS developers prioritise data privacy and security when developing apps to meet your needs. We take full responsibility for keeping your data confidential.

Complete Support

Our team of AngularJS developers takes care of handling every aspect of your project. This includes creativity, designing, testing, and addressing technical requirements, allowing you to focus on core tasks.

Steps To Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers

At Codeflash, you can find top AngularJS developers with vast knowledge of Angular techniques, like handling and delivering complicated Angular projects while maintaining deadlines. Here, some basic steps are mentioned below to hire a talented Angular JS developer based on your requirements.

Hire AngularJS Developers With Varied Technical Mastery

Angular + AWS

Want to build cloud-based Angular apps? Hire full-stack Angular developers from Codeflash infotech who have proficiency working with AWS to build and integrate AWS with Angular.

Angular + ROR

We leverage Angular + ruby on rails combination to build high-performance applications in the least time possible. Hire full-stack Angular developers who leverage this combination like pros.

Angular + Node

This incredible combination of Angular with Node enables developers to deliver stunning frontends and dynamically powerful backends in Angular web applications.

Angular + Laravel

The Angular + Laravel combination is another powerful combination to develop and deliver robust web applications. We leverage this combination to deliver quality solutions in the least time possible.

Angular + ASP.Net Core

The team of AngularJs developers combines Angular with dot net to build secure apps that load faster on any device. Hire dedicated Angular programmers to build your web solutions in less time and cost.

Angular + PHP

Angular with PHP forms a perfect frontend and backend combination to build a full-stack application. We use PHP to make more stable solutions that load faster and fit under your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the IT services our Angular developers offer: Custom web application development Front-end development expertise Responsive web design Integration with backend technologies Maintenance and support services
The process of hiring talented Angular developers from Codeflash is simple. Send your project requirements to us, select an engagement model, interview developers to check their expertise, and onboard.
You get a talented Angular JS developer directly and exclusively for the requirement of your project can help you streamline the development process. Codeflash is a leading Angular development company offering talent expertise in all Angular JS development processes.
It can take from weeks to months to create an Angular app. Various factors determine the timeframe of app development features, complexity, required functions, resources, technology, customisations, and many more.
Yes, of course. At Codeflash, you can get three flexible engagement models that enable owners to get offshore Angular developers according to project needs.
At Codeflash, our dedicated AngularJS developers will update you on all your Angular project development reports daily/weekly/monthly. They can be flexible according to your project needs. So you can hire our developers anytime.