How Much Does It Cost To Develop An
AngularJs Web App And Website?

This article aims to make our readers aware of the AngularJS JavaScript framework and its worth in your next web app project.

AngularJS is the 4th most popular web framework among developers globally in 2021, according to Statista.

Gone are the days when a developer installed different software (like apache server or PHP or JS/Java or Tomcat, or Xampp) to develop an app or website. With the advent of many new JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, it is now feasible to build a web app or website by combining any programming language and system with a front end to offer.

What is AngularJS?

Angular is an open-source TypeScript-based JavaScript framework released by Google in October 2010. AngularJS is a tool to build the web application’s front-end, which provides a range of features for its developers.

What Is AngularJS Used For?

With AngularJS, a developer can build a website or web app that serves the best user experience. Below is the list of some fantastic apps and websites built with AngularJS, and due to this, its excellent user experience is why all these apps achieved great success.

  1. PayPal
  2. Gmail App
  3. Netflix
  4. Walmart
  5. JetBlue

Seeing the list of the above app and websites, one can say that AngularJS is the next big thing for the developer to use.

Why Should You Choose AngularJS For Your Next Web App?

Top reasons to make use of AngularJS are as follows:

  1. Backing of Google
    Since AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google, its developers have strong community support.
  2. Build small apps at a fast pace
    Developing small apps with AngularJS is less time-consuming. It is also possible to build large projects with this framework.
  3. Effortless testing
    AngularJS enables developers to write and test module code independently from the rest of an app.
    The above reasons are strong enough to prove why to choose AngularJS to develop either a website or web app.

Pricing Your Project

Rates charged by Angular developers on Upwork vary from $16 to $30 an hour. Fixed price contract bids may vary widely based on the duration or scope of your project.

Typical Rates Charged by Angular Developers

Basic Front-End AngularJS developers charge between $10-30 on an average hourly rate.
Intermediate-Advanced Front-End AngularJS developers charge between $35-100 on an average hourly rate.
Basic Back-End AngularJS developers charge somewhere between $25-50 on an average hourly rate.
Intermediate-Advanced Back-End AngularJS developers charge between $50-100 on an average hourly rate.
Full Stack Developers charge between $50-100 on an average hourly rate.


Though one can find several JavaScript frameworks for web development, there is hardly any other framework that offers as many features as AngularJS is offering.
AngularJS has been available in the market for a long time, and its success is assured just by looking at the brands whose websites and web apps are supported by this technology.
Still not convinced, we are ready to help you understand this fantastic framework.