How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Netflix 2024_

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Netflix 2024?

17 MAY

With the shift away from traditional TV viewing, many prefer streaming services like Netflix to access favorite movies and TV shows, driving high demand. With over 195 million users, Netflix spends around $17 billion yearly on programming.

In 2025, streaming platforms propelled US video streaming revenue to $27 billion, with expectations of reaching $42 billion. These statistics have motivated numerous startups to release their streaming apps. Thus, the creation of live-streaming apps is becoming more and more popular.

This article would assist you in learning about the features, tech stack, and Cost To Develop Ott app Netflix. associated with developing video streaming apps for TikTok, Disney+, Hangouts, and Netflix.

What Is A Video Streaming App And How It Works {2024}

You may broadcast video material on the cloud with a streaming app. These platforms include YouTube, Twitch, and the ones we have discussed (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.). For instance, on-demand streaming services are famous websites where you may watch your favorite programs. Live streaming is the foundation of those that provide real-time feeds. The former resembles owning a movie on your hard drive or a DVD (do you still have those?). You can view it again and again anytime you want. The latter requires your presence while watching the stream, much like television.

With access across various platforms – TVs, desktops, mobiles, and web browsers – streaming services offer global reach. Unlike traditional broadcasting, internet connectivity is all you need. Embrace entertainment on the go – during commutes, waits, or leisure – relishing movies, shows, and live streams by favorite artists and influencers.

How Much It Costs to Develop Video Streaming Mobile Apps like Netflix

How Much It Costs to Develop Video Streaming Mobile Apps like Netflix

Estimating app development expenses will become more straightforward when you decide on a launch strategy to start a video streaming services company. It takes a substantial time and financial commitment to launch a streaming business. The Cost To Develop Ott app Netflix.  will increase when features are added. The price may also increase due to the app development process requiring the creation of many features for administrators and end users. You can get your streaming app development developed by the best application development company.

Developing a Netflix-like app for iOS or Android costs about $30,000 to $35,000 and takes 5-7 months.

MVP Features Cost $ (Approx.)  
User registration & login $650-750
User Profile $1600-1900
Content Search $1500-1700
Push-notifications $750-900
Chats and Comments $3700-6300
Payment Gateway $1900-2300
Settings $20,000-21,000
Total App Cost $30,100–34,850

Factors that Determine the Cost of Starting a Streaming Service

The Price of Hosting and Storage for Your Streaming Business
Hosting and storage is one of the significant expenses associated with starting a streaming business. A comprehensive and fully working infrastructure may be necessary to store and deliver the massive amounts of data your end customers will demand.

You must invest in content delivery networks (CDNs), robust servers, and cloud-based storage options that depend on your audience’s size. Indeed, depending on the scale of your streaming service and the number of customers, the cost of hosting and storage can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars annually.

The Amount of Money Needed to Put a Feature Into Practice
When you first launch, you must provide your consumers with unique features that distinguish your streaming service from the competition. These capabilities include user accounts, social sharing, offline downloading, and tailored content suggestions.

However, implementing these capabilities will require extensive development, testing, and user input. The complexity of the features and the size of your app development team will determine the cost of building an app from scratch, which might range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. To find out exactly how much it Costs to Hire App Developers, click here.

The Price Of Creating Your Streaming Service’s Backend Admin
Developing backend infrastructure is a substantial expense when starting a streaming business. Establishing a stable platform that can accommodate many users, deliver a fluid viewing experience, and work well with other products will cost money.

Creating the backend and technology for your end-to-end streaming business might be expensive. Creating the most excellent online video platforms to compete in this fiercely competitive over-the-top (OTT) industry requires significant investments in development teams and infrastructure.

The Cost Of Personalised UI/UX, Design, and Animation

Custom animation, design, user interface (UI), and other user experience (UX) components must be invested in to create a streaming service that draws and keeps users. These components are a terrific approach to set your products apart and provide customers with a unique, exciting experience.

Nevertheless, the expenses of creating unique animation, design, and UX/UX components can be high—they may even reach millions of dollars. You can engage with designers and animators who are prepared to build new pieces at a competitive cost, hire ui/ux designers from Codeflash infotech, or use pre-existing templates and design assets to reduce these expenses.

The Hourly Rate Cost of a Developer

The Hourly Rate Cost of a Developer

Investing in a proficient team of developers is crucial for launching and maintaining a streaming venture. Developer hourly rates vary based on expertise, location, and experience. Opting for offshore or project-based developers can save costs. Additionally, leveraging low-code platforms can significantly reduce expenses when establishing an Internet video streaming business.

  1.  User registration: As a result, customers will be guaranteed to register for an account on your app. Users filling out their data will also benefit from this. They may also quickly sign up using their social network accounts with just one click. Obtaining information about their hobbies and preferences will also be aided by this. Based on their preferences, you can play a few recommended videos for them. You must request this functionality from your music app development business even if you want to create a music video streaming app.

  2. Payment Gateway: You can’t invest in your app and simultaneously spend money out of your pocket. After a while, you’ll need to start making some money. One excellent approach to accomplish that is to add a payment gateway. Thanks to simple payment choices, users can view their favorite videos with only one click. A UPI or even a QR code scan feature can be included.

  3. Content Search: If your app is expanding quickly, you will eventually have millions of videos added to it. With a search function, consumers could find older films easily. A content search function will guarantee that customers may look for the specific movie they’re looking for.

  4. Reviews and Comments: You can only get very far if you include the option to rate and remark on videos. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to get honest and insightful feedback from your consumers and adjust the material accordingly.

  5. Push Notification: get informed when new videos are uploaded to the app. They may also set reminders for any impending new videos.

  6. Settings: Customization options allow users to tailor settings according to their preferences. They can personalize the interface theme to align with their tastes, enhancing user experience. Users will also benefit if they pick and see films of a specific nation, area, or language.

  7. Block Screenshots and Screen Recording: This functionality is critical to preserving the application’s legitimacy. The cost of streaming videos will be high, and you won’t be able to allow someone to take them and broadcast them elsewhere.

  8. Customer Care and Support: A friendly customer care and support team guarantees your users won’t encounter any issues. They have to pay close attention to consumer concerns and see that they are settled quickly.


Creating and operating applications like TikTok, Disney+, Netflix, and Hangouts can be expensive. However, if successful, these applications can generate substantial income, potentially making you a billionaire within a year or, conversely, leading to significant debt. To mitigate risks, developing and marketing your software meticulously is crucial. Hiring dedicated developers ensures each step is executed correctly, thoroughly, and precisely. When considering the cost to develop an OTT app like Netflix, it’s important to invest in experienced professionals to ensure the success of your venture.