On Which Platform Are IoT Apps Developed?

IoT is enabling smart devices to connect securely. IoT is a booming invention and is being used widely. The rise of IoT technology is widely changing the way of human living. For instance, think about mobile app development. Using IoT, developers today are creating many innovative apps and tools compatible with smart devices. These apps help users in every way. Now developers can create app functionalities never seen before, and users can experience it too.

But how does IoT work? What are the platforms to develop IoT apps? Here is a list of the top five IoT Mobile Application Development Platforms.

Amazon Web Services
AWS is one of the most popular and used IoT cloud platforms. AWS is a well-managed IoT cloud platform explicitly designed to handle IoT apps. In addition, AWS allows unlimited devices to connect easily.

Device Management of AWS allows easy extension and connection of devices.

Microsoft Azure IoT
Azure is a Well-known name when it comes to IoT app development. Microsoft Azure is used worldwide. Microsoft offers the Azure IOT suite and IoT hub for developers to use to create IoT apps. With the help of these, developers can easily create and manage real-time data of devices. The platform allows flexible working with multiple OS and platforms.

Azure IoT can control any device, tool, security feature, and data analytics to meet the IoT objectives. Some features from Azure include identity registry, device shadowing, data monitoring, and a set of rules engines.

Built by Cisco. The Cisco IoT platform allows developers to experience secure and straightforward solutions for IoT. It also includes other functionalities such as network connectivity, data analytics, application enablement, management, and automation.

Cisco aims to allow its clients a safe platform to connect several devices despite the geolocation of devices.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud IoT is a well-managed application for IoT app development. Developers can easily manage IoT app development with connected devices. The in-built sophisticated analytics tool allows real-time insights for organizations.

Google Cloud also combines cloud, end-to-end security, advanced data analytics, business process optimization, and a completely managed infrastructure.

IBM Watson
IBM Watson is also a well-known IoT solution and integration provider. IBM Watson enables secure transmission, better remote control, and vast cloud capacity.

This IBM IoT development platform includes various beneficial services and tools to improve IoT app development. In addition, due to its better security, designers can easily create complete IoT solutions.

In conclusion, IoT is the Future. We are living in a digital world. IoT is shaping human experiences more effortlessly. As everything is connected to the internet, it gets easier to access and use the devices.

These are the top five platforms used to develop IoT Apps. Therefore, it is recommended using one of these for your IoT app development. Also, if you have any doubts, consult a reliable IoT app Development Company that will help you build your IoT app based on your requirements.