What do you choose, Work From Home or Work From Office?

September 23, 2021

The pandemic has brought a new approach for employees to work from home rather than work from the office. But what are the benefits? Let’s compare both sides side by side to understand it more precisely.

We will have both the advantages and disadvantages of each. And for the conclusion, we will decide which one is better.

Face-to-face communication is the most preferred communication way for business employees. Not including video conferences, face-to-face communications are only possible at office space. Interactive communication strengthens relationships and improves productivity. Employee relationship building is the thing that happens when sitting next to your co-worker with a cup of coffee.

While working from home, communications are not interrupted but, it’s just that there’s something different. Face-to-face communications are converted into video conferences. But, unfortunately, that does not help to build a firm relation with the co-worker.

When working from the office, employees need to follow a tight schedule. For example, waking up by a fixed time, reaching the office, and starting work by 9 am. But when it comes to working from home, the timings are flexible. For traditional working timing, you can tailor your schedule with flexibility to your needs.

So, work from home does offer flexibility over the fixed schedule.

Working Environment
Employees mostly don’t get to choose their workspace when working from the office. Some elements might impact productivity and affect the work. The working environment might be considered as one of the major drawbacks of working from the office. Whereas when working from home, anyone can set up their desk in their comfortable environment. The environment directly affects productivity and enhances performance.

As mentioned above, working from home boosts productivity. In the office, a worker may work up to his best. But sometimes, distractions pull the string, and productivity gets degraded. When working from home, employees are in the best comfortable environment for themselves.

There might be distractions when working from home too. But they are easily avoidable or much easier to deal with.

Here one can easily see the difference between work from home and work from the office. When working from the office, several expenses add up extra to the list. These expenses may seem little but are big amounts when calculated for a long duration.

While working from home, one does not need to deal with these extra expenses. In addition to that, you receive tons of financial perks when working from home. However, sometimes employers do pay for broadband costs or communication costs and sometimes may not. So it becomes quite a burden when not paid for the same.

There always will be differences between Work From Home and Work From the Office. As the pandemic has made many companies leap, the companies have started to discover that Work From Home is a smart move.

Table of Content

  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Working Environment
  • Productivity
  • Finances
  • Conclusion

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