Web Design Trends To Watch Out in 2022

April 8, 2022

In the last two years, people worldwide have accessed the internet for various things, and among one them is to browse the internet. Internet accessibility has offered a chance for web designers to unlock their creativity and come out with something new, something exciting. This new creativity will help harness users’ attention while surfing the internet. It seems like web designers are trying to rethink design norms and principles, and if it goes in the right direction, others will follow it too. In 2022, everyone will see new patterns discussed below in web design due to these two developments.

1. Rise and rise of a one-page website

An old saying goes true, especially when it comes to single-page websites, and that is Simplicity is the best policy. One page website omits menus and internal link navigation and offers simple scrolling navigation from top to bottom.
This type of website forces designers to think about which content should appear above the fold and which one to be placed after it because it’s a general norm that whatever content seems important should appear in the first place without the need to scroll down the webpage.

2. Fewer images for the hero section of the website

It’s not always a good idea to include graphical animations or gifs or another type of attractive multimedia object in the hero section of a website. Instead, one can use simple, colourful yet effective shapes and excellent typography and layouts to convey their brand identity. It sounds simple, but it’s enticing.

3. Typography matters

It becomes essential for web designers to focus on typography by playing around it. It has been observed that the bigger the fonts are, the better they will appeal to the visitors, but it’s not always the case because, after a specific size, fonts can become a graphical element and will lose their typo effect. By striking a balance between the size and colour of fonts, a website can set the tone for its audience.

4. Use of abstract illustrations

Abstract illustrations add a handmade look and feel to the image. It gives designers a creative space to add different mediums that bring exciting and unpredictable results. Though it has been part of web design for many years, its popularity is only going up day by day.

5. Gender-neutral designs

Some years ago, this was only a matter of discussion, but now the gender-neutral design has become a standard reality. It becomes essential for a website accessed by people of all ages and gender to select a gender-neutral design for its webpage. It has become a new norm to offer different gender options and showcase models of different skin colours posing wearing different outfits, especially for the wardrobe website.

If one thinks about it, designers are at finding creativity from real life rather than just from the world of photographs. To their advantage, designers have access to many tools, including no-code tools, to enable them to do their work in less time.

Table of Content

  • Rise and rise of a one-page website
  • Fewer images for the hero section of the website
  • Typography matters
  • Use of abstract illustrations
  • Gender-neutral designs

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