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The payment procedure for many smart shopping systems has been enhanced by Codeflash, who have -expertise in integrating several payment gateways. We have a track record of success working with merchants, B2C, B2B, C2C, and other payment systems including multivendor payments, contribution websites, hosted payment gateways, and much more.

Codeflash offers-Payment Gateway Integration Services for mobile applications and websites, including credit card payment, cash on delivery, split payment, In-App purchase, scheduled payment, and recurring payment. Also, we have collaborated with numerous payment gateway service providers to provide-app and website integration services to our clients.

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Why Choose Codeflash Payment Gateway Integration Service?

Codeflashe’s payment integration services guarantee that your consumers will have immediate access and strong conversion rates. Along with that, we provide several other benefits.

Our Payment Gateway Integration Services

When you choose Codeflsh you get access to the following payment gateway integration services.

Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration Service

Payment integration services might help your enterprise function better. Here are some benefits of it’s benefits.

Ideal Payment Gateway Integration Process

Our process ensures that there are no platform disparities regardless of whatever platform your application is used on.

Gathering and Analysing Requirements

Once you are satisfied with the platform, we will begin the feasibility study to incorporate a payment gateway into your app.

Upgrading Your App

We update your mobile app to make it compatible with the payment gateway when the feasibility test is completed.

Payment Gateway Integration

We work to link the mobile app with the fully working payment gateway as soon as it is compatible.


The testing team will make sure that it will give a lag-free performance with a special focus on delivering bug-free integration.

Ready to Perform

Your app will be prepared to support your online business enterprise once we are confident after our thorough testing procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of businesses that take payments online choose to integrate their payment gateway. A payment gateway is a device that enables businesses to receive payments online. It serves as a link or bridge between your website (the merchant’s website) and a card network or payment provider. It processes and authorises payments made online.
Yes, at Codeflash we provide you with the best payment integration services.
You must get a processor’s API documentation and implement it as directed in order to integrate with it. For your clients, you will also need to create an external API. Using it, they may transmit payments (one-time or recurring) for processing and get the results back.

You get the following benefits when you choose Codeflash for payment integration services:

  • Allows your online business to accept all payment methods
  • The accessibility of many currencies allows people to purchase from anywhere in the world
  • Support in several languages
  • Increasing your company’s worldwide standard
Merchant accounts are given to businesses by payment aggregators so they may take payments online. On the other side, payment gateways serve as a channel for transactions.
The timeframe for integrating a payment gateway is 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the integration strategy. Custom payment gateway development and integration may take more than two times longer.