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We at Codeflash specialize in developing cutting-edge on-demand logistics app development tailored to your company's requirements. Our team of professionals has a track record of providing on-demand logistics app solutions, and they combine their understanding of the market with the newest technology to develop effective and user-friendly logistics apps.

Whether you want to improve fleet tracking, optimize warehouse operations, or streamline supply chain management, we can help. Your logistics app will meet and surpass your expectations because we are dedicated to quality.

Solution Logistics App Development

Launch A Top-Notch On-Demand Logistics App Like Lynk

Look no further if you want to explore the world of on-demand logistics and are motivated by Lynk’s success. Your go-to on-demand app partner in making your on-demand logistics app idea a reality is CodeFlash. With the assistance of our team of skilled full-stack developers and business leaders, you can build a platform that equals Lynk’s success in terms of features and usability. We will customize your on-demand logistics app to match the unique needs of your business, from real-time tracking to seamless order administration. Take the first step towards revolutionizing the logistics sector by partnering with Codeflash Infotech today and developing your world-class on-demand logistics app.

White Label Logistics App Development Agency

Codeflash is your go-to company for white-label logistics app solutions. Our skilled team of professionals specializes in creating custom mobile apps, and white-label logistics solutions that perfectly match your brand. Our agency is the one to contact if you’re an entrepreneur joining the field or a logistics company looking to extend its service offerings. From conception to implementation, we offer end-to-end logistics app development solutions to ensure your white-label logistics app complies with and exceeds industry standards. We will assist you in launching a cutting-edge mobile app solution that carries your brand’s identity and provides the best user experience thanks to our broad experience and dedication to innovation. Join forces with Codeflash today to start your journey to success in the logistics sector.

Want To Hire Logistic App Development Company In India?

Our app development team is well-qualified with the newest tools, technology, and languages to suit your strategic business requirements. We have extensive expertise of 10+ years in logistics mobile app development. Contact us immediately to design a cutting-edge yet effective on-demand logistics mobile app for your company or enterprise.

Transforming Supply Chains with Our logistics App development service

Transforming Supply Chains with Our logistics App development service

Codeflash offers cutting-edge logistics app development services, specializing in on-demand transportation and logistics solutions. We enhance supply chain efficiency, accountability, and management. Our experienced team tailors logistics app solutions to your specific needs, whether it’s supply chain management software, real-time tracking apps, or inventory management tools. We understand the logistics industry’s challenges and are dedicated to successfully ensuring your software navigates modern supply chains.

Consider Codeflash Infotech for logistics app development. We offer comprehensive services, including custom features and user-friendly experiences to align with your business needs. Trust our experts to elevate your business and provide exceptional customer service with essential online logistics app development.


Want To Hire Dedicated Team Of logistics App Developers?

Look no further than Codeflash to hire a committed group of logistics app developers. To realize your idea for a logistics app, our highly qualified and experienced developers are prepared to join your team as permanent members. Whether you require specialists in real-time tracking, supply chain management, or warehouse optimization, our gifted personnel have you covered. We guarantee that your logistics app will meet and surpass your expectations because of our dedication to quality and track record of successful projects.


Expertise in logistics app development


Customized solutions tailored to your business needs


Seamless integration of tracking and tracing systems


Real-time inventory management


Route optimization and fleet tracking


Automated supply chain solutions


User-friendly interface and intuitive design


Scalability for future growth


24/7 technical support and maintenance


Cost-effective development solutions

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Factors That Impact the Cost of Developing a logistics App

Find out the main factors that affect the cost of creating a customized logistics app for your company. With the help of CodeFlash's experience, identify the factors affecting your logistics app budget and learn how to maximize your investment.

Why Custom App?

Investigate the benefits of selecting a specialized logistics delivery app created for your company's requirements over generic Lynk clone alternatives. Discover how CodeFlash's specialized ondemand logistics delivery app solutions can provide the logistics sector unmatched efficiency, scalability, and competitive advantage.

Custom logistics delivery App Development

"Utilise CodeFlash's specialized logistics app solutions for developing custom logistics delivery apps to grow your logistics company. Our expertise provides products from seamless route optimization to real-time tracking designed to increase operational efficiency, improve user experiences, and promote success in the logistics sector.

Buy Lynk Clone Source code

Our skilled developers at Codeflash know how to design and develop a Lynk-like app clone using the most dependable, stable, and error-free source code & logistics mobile app scripts. You can build and style your app however appropriate because of our total customizability and scalability benefits. You can be confident that your app will enter the market gleefully and see excellent client interaction in effectively launching their apps.

Why choose Codeflash Infotech?

By selecting CodeFlash for logistic app development, you are selecting a partner dedicated to quality. We stand out because of our in-depth industry knowledge and constant quest for innovation. Because we know that logistics is a dynamic industry, we provide specialized solutions that adapt to the demands of your company. Our committed full services app development team is focused on providing outcomes, from streamlined processes and approachable user interfaces to remaining at the forefront of market trends. You are selecting a dependable partner in CodeFlash to support the success of your logistics company in a world that moves quickly.


We have a proven track record of successfully developing and launching food delivery apps.


We have a deep understanding of the food delivery industry and can offer valuable insights and recommendations.


We can customize the app to meet the specific needs of the business, ensuring that it stands out from competitors.


We focus on providing a high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly app that delivers an exceptional user experience.

Customer support

We provide dedicated customer support throughout the development process and beyond to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.


We have a strong portfolio of successful food delivery app projects that demonstrate their capabilities and expertise.


We use the latest technology and tools to develop the app, ensuring that it is secure, scalable, and efficient.


We offer competitive pricing for their services, ensuring that businesses can get a high-quality app without breaking their budget.


We can deliver the app within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring that the business can launch it in a timely manner.

Build Similar Competitive Solutions with Our Logistcs Delivery App Development Company

At Codeflash, the logistics sector has several needs beyond standard delivery services. We take satisfaction in extending our knowledge to provide complete on-demand multi-delivery app development solutions. Our team is entirely prepared to satisfy your specific needs whether you are entering the supermarket delivery, liquor distribution, prescription medication, over-the-counter remedy, personal care item, or any other specialized logistics area. You can grow your services and create similar, competitive app solutions across various logistics industry categories with Codeflash; you are not restricted to just one app.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have extensive knowledge of creating transport apps thanks to our over 11 years of experience in the field. The knowledgeable on-demand app developers at codeflash Infotech stay current with the newest technological advances. You may count on receiving top-notch doctor applications by the due date.

Please be specific when describing your business plan, the features you wish to include, your rivals, your target market, and your deadline. The likelihood of alterations and revisions decreases with the amount of information you provide. As a result, it will enable you to save time, money, and effort.

The tech stack will change depending on the app’s complexity, functionality, third-party integration, etc. The technology stack that we employ looks like this:

  • Angular and ReactJS for front-end development
  • Back-end development using PHP and Node.js
  • Swift for iOS and Java & Kotlin for Android.
  • Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe as payment options
  • Push notifications: Twilio and
  • Twilio offers in-app calling and texting.
  • Cloud environment: Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure.

Of course, I say. We can develop an online transportation app like Moovit and Transit, etc. We can create a custom transport app if you let us know your needs.

The specialized transportation app can be advantageous to various stakeholders:

  • Drivers
  • Owners of transportation companies
  • Aggregators of transportation companies
  • Passengers