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G7 Taxi Clone: Launch Taxi Service Booking App in Europe


The transportation industry has transformed considerably since on-demand taxi booking apps gained popularity. Famous throughout Europe, G7 Taxi has established the sector’s effectiveness and quality standards. Entrepreneurs hoping to profit from this expanding market may find great success with a G7 Taxi clone app development.

This blog will review the processes of developing and launching a G7 Taxi clone app in Europe. The taxi market segment in Europe grows every day. The market size is expected to reach US$1.67 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 1.8%.

Online ride-hailing services will “completely” replace traditional taxi services, according to the Coherent Market Insights report on the 2021 Global Ride-hailing Market Share. Few estimates predict that by 2030, 15 million daily ride-hailing rides will be booked.

What is a G7 taxi?

G7 Taxi – Synopsis

G7 Taxi has been in business since 1905 and is among the most well-known and practical taxi services. Its business is associated with 9,500 taxis. Its clientele is spread over more than 200 French and European cities, including Paris.

G7 Taxi offers online mobile apps and a website booking where users may conveniently reserve taxi rides online. One of the most seasoned and creative taxi companies links passengers with qualified drivers. Such rapid communication with experienced drivers allows them to provide passengers secure transportation to their selected city destinations.

Riders can also read the driver’s ratings and reviews, select the kind of automobile they want, and access many other features and services. Users can select their payment method (cash and debit/credit card) and view the estimated fare before booking the trip. Riding the app also enables users to schedule trips in advance to plan their journey.

How to introduce a smooth app for booking taxi services in Europe

How to introduce a smooth app for booking taxi services in Europe

  1. Analysis of the Market
    Before starting taxi booking app development, thorough market research is necessary to comprehend the European cab sector’s competitive environment and customer preferences. Examine taxi apps like G7 Taxi to determine their advantages and disadvantages. Identify opportunities for a unique value proposition and differentiation for your G7 Taxi clone. You can also consider “Build An App Like Uber.” for more details, check out our detailed blog.
  2. Characterize Features and Usability
    Based on your market study, list the features and functionality you wish to include in your G7 Taxi clone app. Principal elements could be:
  • Enrollment and login of users
  • Reserving and monitoring rides instantly
  • navigating using maps and GPS integration
  • Optional payments
  • Vehicle registration and administration
  • Systems of ratings and reviews
  • Consumer assistance and comments
  1. Select the Appropriate Technology Group
    Successfully developing your G7 Taxi clone software depends on choosing the appropriate technological stack. Think about aspects including security, scalability, and maintenance simplicity. Among the often-used technologies and frameworks for creating taxi apps are:
  1. Design and Development
    The UI/UX design and mobile app development process can start as soon as the features and technology stack are decided upon. Work directly with dedicated UX/UI designers to give your G7 Taxi clone an easy-to-use interface. Our full stack Developers should begin concurrently constructing the project’s frontend, APIs, and backend infrastructure.
  2. Testing and Quality Control
    It takes extensive testing to guarantee that your Taxi booking app clone like G7 runs well on all platforms and devices. Test in-depth for security, usability, performance, and functionality. Before proceeding to the following stage, fix any problems or faults found during testing.
  3. Launch and deployment
    After testing and any required improvements, it is time to introduce your app, like G7 Taxi clone app to the European market. Organize with app stores to publish your app, such as the Google Play and Apple App Store. Put a strong marketing plan into place to create interest and draw people to download and use your app.

How Operates G7 Taxis? Book a Taxi in Less Than Four Minutes

G7 Taxis was awarded best application of the year in the “Smart Car” category by the 2019 Apps and Mobile Internet Trophy. With G7 Taxis, a rider must submit two or three details to book a cab. We have shown the functioning flow here, as the customer has seen.

  • The well-known ride-sharing site G7 Taxis links drivers and riders. Passengers may look for a local cab and reserve the trip to get to their location using specialized services like apps or websites.
  • After the rider books a cab, drivers receive a notification with all the passenger information, including name, address, and phone number.
  • Drivers can accept or decline a ride request based on availability and time. They will notify the passengers as soon as they approve the ride request.
  • Riders can reserve a highly-rated driver from a selection of cars, including SUVs and sedans. Riding can also include leaving drivers with particular instructions. For example, you should instruct the driver to use sanitizer and wear a mask while driving.
  • Riders may pay online and follow the driver in real time when the reservation is confirmed. As the ride ends, they can also rate and write reviews.
  • Is it simple and handy? Yes, it is, and for this reason, G7 Taxis are well-liked in Europe and other nations.

Creating and releasing a G7 Taxi clone App in Europe requires thorough preparation, meticulous implementation, and continuous improvement. By following the guidelines in the “Comprehensive Guide to Developing an On-Demand Taxi App,” you can utilize the correct technology, leverage your experience, and implement effective procedures to build a profitable taxi booking software that competes with the best in the market.


In conclusion, introducing a G7 Taxi booking clone development presents a significant opportunity to transform the European taxi service sector. With its promise of efficiency and convenience, this platform will streamline the booking process for consumers and drivers. The G7 Taxi clone catalyzes long-term, sustainable growth and profitability by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly interfaces. It meets the immediate demands of passengers and addresses the pressing need for dependable transportation options in the face of increasing demand. In the highly competitive European cab service industry, success will depend on our ability to embrace innovation and adapt to shifting market trends. For expert assistance, partnering with a Taxi Booking App Development Company like Codeflash Infotech can ensure your project’s success.