Why Should Startups Consider Flutter for
Cross-Platform App Development in 2022?

The invention of the flutter framework could be attributed to the war between browsers in the year 2015. Developers of Chrome were thinking about optimizing their browser performance, so they decided to cut CSS from the browser engine, which resulted in a significant increase in performance. And this is the reason why Google has invented Flutter.

What is Flutter?

It can be excellent for developers to create an application for Android and IOS just with a single codebase, and this is what Flutter offers. Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework developed by Google and released in May 2017.

We are living in the decade of start-ups, and the success of the Shark Tank India show is proving it. This article will highlight the reasons for building the beautiful app with Flutter for start-ups.

1. Easy to learn and use

Flutter is a modern framework, and it supports Dart language, which is again a product of Google and was released in October 2011. Dart’s syntax is very similar to Javascript, and every programmer must be familiar with Javascript, so it becomes easy to learn and use Flutter.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload is a USP of Flutter, and this feature allows the developer to see changes in application design in real-time after updating the code without restarting the application.

1. Flutter is ideal for start-ups.

If you want to develop an app for your business in a quick time, then flutter is an ideal framework. Start-ups are required to hire only a single developer, and he will build an app for two primary mobile OS: Android and IOS. In this way cost of making an app comes down significantly. An app created by Flutter will run as smoothly as a native app. Last but not least, Flutter has a collection of widgets to choose from, and with some personalization in it generates an impactful UI for the customers.

2. Extensive documentation

Finding a solution for a problem, the developer takes help from the official documentation of a programming language or framework. Flutter has extensive and detailed documentation available with easy examples.

3. Support from community

One can find programmers discussing and engaging on topics related to flutter on many major social media platforms and UGC(User-generated Content) websites. Flutter is way ahead compared to ReactNative regarding the number of followers on major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Furthermore, it has around 22905 commits on GitHub, which is fantastic.

4. Supported by two great IDEs

Android studio users have to download flutter and dart plugins, and that’s it. Flutter can be integrated with VSCode, a lightweight IDE, and configured through plugins.


It is important to note that many blue-chip companies worldwide are using Flutter, and some are Google, Alibaba Group, eBay, BMW, Groupon, and Dream11. Looking at the research data of statista, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers, according to a 2021 developer survey. Based on the study, 42 percent of software developers use Flutter.