Top 10 Food Delivery and Ordering Apps Platforms in New Zealand

Top 10 Food Delivery and Ordering Apps Platforms in New Zealand


The ordering and delivery of food are changing dramatically in tandem with the advancement of technology. Thanks to various apps, such as Top Food Delivery and Ordering Apps in New Zealand, it is now simpler for platform users to obtain everything with a single click on their smart devices. These apps include food delivery, courier delivery, and other accessible delivery services available in the market. Food delivery is standard in New Zealand, where residents use delivery apps to get their favourite restaurants’ food at their fingertips quickly. These days, people enjoy experimenting with new online goods and services. Millennials, in particular, are the most experimental generation, with four out of five millennials worldwide acknowledging that they enjoy trying the latest products. Over 57% of millennials anticipate receiving their food and other deliveries online, making Top Food Delivery and Ordering Apps in New Zealand increasingly popular.

Decades ago, ordering takeout for your workplace during the workweek was challenging. Nevertheless, as more and more restaurateurs use online solutions or cloud kitchen business models to thrive, it has become much more pleasant than ever, thanks to the development of contemporary technology and apps. Many food apps have been created in New Zealand (NZ) to allow people to deliver their food to a spot quickly. Around the world, many people are devoted to takeout innovation. 60% of restaurants concur that online ordering and delivery services have increased revenue, and the on-demand food delivery business is expected to reach $137 billion by 2024.

What is an on-demand food delivery and Ordering Apps?

Food Delivery App DevelopmentUsers of on-demand food delivery apps, such as Zomato, Swiggy, and FoodPanda, can place orders whenever they want. Two methods are used in constructing these applications: the first is the licensed version, in which the client pays for the source code and bespoke design and development. The client must pay a monthly subscription fee to use the second edition of the SaaS-based solution. White labeling is included with the SaaS-based solutions, reflecting your brand name on the application.

Since you only pay for what you use to rent, the monthly subscription option is very affordable. Startups typically choose SaaS-based solutions when launching their on-demand food delivery apps. The goal of on-demand applications is to provide practical answers to the everyday problems the ordinary person faces.

The Best Apps for Food Delivery and food Ordering in New Zealand

The Best Apps for Food Delivery and food Ordering in New Zealand

  1. The menu log
    Menulog Pty. Ltd. is an online food ordering app based in New Zealand. Eat Takeaway, a Dutch parent business headquartered in Sydney, owns the eCommerce platform. Around 130 cuisines were served in localized suburban restaurants and national chains like Pizza Capers, Hungry Jack’s, Crust Pizza Stores, Oporto, Red Rooster, and the Portuguese-owned Nando’s in South Africa.

    Over 500 restaurants in New Zealand are partners of Menulog. Leon Kamenev, Dan Katz, and Kevin Sherman created Sydney-based Menulog in 2006. Up till now, it has processed almost 22 million food orders. The most comprehensive food delivery resource for connecting with service providers is Menulog. It serves nearly 90% of New Zealand’s addresses with its services. JustEat purchased the online retailer.

  2. The Delivery Service
    Deliveroo is a food delivery company based in London, England. The company serves more than 200 locations throughout Belgium, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Singapore, Ireland, Italy, Australia, the UAE, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and many others. Deliveroo Edition founded The Ghost Kitchen Network to satiate foodies’ cravings and turn a profit.

    Deliveroo functions in the same way as Postmates. According to its business plan, it provides exceptional comfort to clients by enabling them to order their preferred cuisine from wherever they are and have it delivered to their house in thirty minutes. The platform’s enhanced capabilities allow customers to follow their orders in real-time.

  3. Uber Eats
    Launched in 2014 by the ride-hailing behemoth Uber, Uber Eats is an American food-ordering platform based in San Francisco, California. The platform makes it easy and quick for consumers to locate nearby tastes and order delivery right to their door. Users can rapidly search among nearby eateries and place efficient food orders from their preferred restaurants.

    After growing its food ordering and delivery operation in Melbourne, Uber Eats expanded to other significant cities in New Zealand in 2016. The business has exclusive agreements with Coles, KFC, and Subway. In July 2019, the company modified its business plan to include dine-in service in several locations, saving customers money and time while assisting eateries. If you want to learn more about how to build an app like Uber, you can read our blog, a step-by-step Guide to How To Build An App Like Uber.

  4. Delivery Easy
    Delivery Easy is a food delivery service headquartered in New Zealand that does precisely what its name says. The platform allows users to easily place direct food orders from their preferred eateries and schedule an order with a few quick taps, allowing them to put it in advance.

    If you need more time to cook because of your busy daily schedule, Delivery Easy is the ideal choice.

  5. DoorDash
    DoorDash ensures convenience and customer happiness by providing a smooth ordering experience with various restaurant partners. The app offers live order monitoring, a DashPass subscription service, and sophisticated search filters for convenience. Numerous people use DoorDash because of its broad availability and varied menu. For more information, please read our detailed DoorDash Business Model.
  6. Hello Fresh
    Meal kit delivery business HelloFresh provides pre-portioned ingredients and simple-to-follow recipes for hassle-free home cooking. With its adaptable subscription options and locally sourced fresh products, HelloFresh simplifies food planning and preparation. The app offers a range of food options and weekly deliveries to accommodate various dietary requirements and lifestyles.
  7. Happy Cow
    HappyCow provides a comprehensive restaurant directory that accommodates plant-based diets and is devoted to vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based cuisine. The app offers comprehensive listings, user reviews, and dietary filters to assist users in selecting appropriate dining options. HappyCow is an excellent resource for vegetarians and vegans because of its emphasis on encouraging plant-based diet and supporting moral food choices.
  8. Table Open
    Through the reservation website OpenTable, customers may reserve tables at restaurants for in-person food. The app offers real-time availability, rapid reservation confirmation, and user ratings to assist users in making decisions. Because of its extensive availability and intuitive design, customers may easily find and reserve dining experiences with OpenTable.
  9. Yummi
    Yummi is a food delivery service that offers nutritious information and customizable food plans. It serves wholesome food options to health-conscious customers looking for personalised solutions. The app’s user-friendly UI and weekly delivery make it simple for users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  10. EASI
    EASI offers various Asian cuisines, giving patrons mouthwatering, genuine food from different places. The software provides safe payment methods, compatibility with other languages, and a loyalty club for regular customers. For those who enjoy Asian cuisine, EASI is a top option due to its extensive menu and dependable delivery service.


In conclusion, dining experiences have entirely changed because of the variety and convenience of the best food delivery and ordering apps in New Zealand. These apps offer a smooth the way for users to sate their appetites without having to leave the comforts of their homes, whether hankering after a regional favorite from a nearby restaurant or wanting to try cuisines from all over the world. These apps accommodate a wide range of client tastes and preferences nationwide with features including personalized delivery options, real-time order tracking, and various restaurant alternatives. Furthermore, the rise of food delivery apps has changed how people eat and given local eateries and businesses tremendous support, especially in hard times. Restaurants can provide delivery services using these channels.
For a deeper understanding of this transformation, refer to “Food Delivery Website Development: A Comprehensive Guide.

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