Top 8 Software Development Outsourcing Trends
That Will Rule in 2021

Top 8 Software Development Outsourcing Trends That Will Rule in 2021

Outsourcing IT projects is common today, and IT firms outsource their ideas to get a better solution at affordable prices. A large number of companies are now outsourcing tasks to third-party vendors to offer better solutions.

Following are some of the software development outsourcing trends:


Cloud technology is booming and will continue to boost in the future. The cloud market is growing and is expected to grow continuously in the future. Almost everyone today uses cloud technology for specific reasons. Be it for saving the data or doing their project online for a better user experience. Besides the multinationals, government officials are also using the cloud to protect their data. The cloud offers the users security, scalability and flexibility. That is what makes cloud a trend in 2021.

AI and IoT

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are not new concepts but are trending ones. With the enhanced User Experience, people now prefer online shopping to others. Using AI and IoT, developers gradually increase the user experience, and people also love these new changes. Developers are now able to use AI and create some features that make users try out things virtually. Like, try the clothes virtually and buy one which suits you better.


Robotics is also a trending and ever-green technology. Robotic process automation offers many benefits for the organization. Companies can increase their productivity by using automation.

Cybersecurity Needs

With the increase in the latest technology, the threat level has also increased. Due to high rises in security loopholes, the need for cybersecurity has also been rising. Companies also seek cybersecurity services to safeguard their company data and servers.

Demand for blockchain service

Blockchain technology increases security and is also a trending technology currently in the market. Blockchain technology offers increased transparency and improved security. With the increased popularity of cryptocurrency, people are presently just more curious about the blockchain.

Development of PWA

The term PWA refers to progressive web apps. PWA is an application software delivered through the web. PWA uses a highly innovative network solution to develop an improved dedicated mobile application. Also, finding and outsourcing a company that can create a PWA is a crucial job.

Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is simply the process of optimizing web pages to appear in voice searches. It is a trending technology and is also leading the business industry at a stable pace.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots are not a new concept. By using AI efficiently in chatbots, companies can improve customer services. To enhance its technologies, NLP and ML are used to understand users and provide many human-like responses.


These are the trends in software development that are leading the development market. Companies use the following development trends to outsource their projects. If you are also looking forward to developing a similar task, you should consider outsourcing your project.