Tips to Consider While Hiring React Developers

March 16, 2022

Web application development has become a highly crucial part of business execution. Every startup or business needs a web application or website for their business. Websites generally help companies to boost their growth exponentially. Also, marketing products and services become a lot easier with a website. Various latest technologies are famous for developing a perfect web application and reacting to one of the well-known front-end javascript libraries.

Because of its popularity, react js has a large community of its own. You will find many options when looking for react js developers. Due to the large amount, you cannot tell how good a developer is without considering a few aspects. Here are some tips to consider while hiring react js developers.

5 Tips to consider while hiring React js developers:

  1. Are they proficient in Javascript?
    React is a Javascript library. So it is necessary for a react developer to have a better grip on Javascript. The developer must know the basics of advanced-level Javascript stuff, and they must be familiar with the features, syntax, and operations of Javascript.
  2. Are they familiar with testing frameworks and tools?
    Testing is also an essential skill for developers. There are several tools and techniques available for react developers, and they must be familiar with the critical tools to perform unit, end-to-end, and integration testing. Jest, Enzyme, Selenium are some of the popular testing frameworks.
  3. Are they better in Adjacent technologies?
    As we are aware, React is a front-end library, and Backend technology knowledge is required to possess a React app. Ensure the developer you are seeing has knowledge of related technologies that help back react to the app. For instance, Laravel, Django, ROR can be parallelly used as a front-end for a react application.
  4. Make sure they are familiar with Javascript build tools?
    React developers are supposed to install tools and packages to enhance performance. There are already many pre-built packages that developers can use in the development of the app. Some of the popular react packages are :
    Npm – developers can download and install software from the npm registry
    Yarn – a package manager for npm
  5. Problem-Solving skills
    Software development is all about errors and solutions. But the strength and spirit of keeping going are rare. So, look for problem-solving skills in a candidate that you choose. This skill is required and will help them build a better solution for you.


Wrap up,

These are the tips you should consider before hiring a react developer for your project. Make sure the developer you are choosing has all these essential and required skills. An experienced and skilled developer will help build interactive websites, starting from initial designing to testing.

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