How to protect your data privacy?

April 1, 2022

Tweaking some mobile and other digital devices settings can tighten up your data privacy. Here is the list of recommendations that you can follow so that no third party can access your data without your consent.

1. Use a Password Manager

Data and password leak events have increased exponentially in the last five years. Surprisingly, many large-scale companies and government-run organizations have fallen victim to these attacks. The most common type of password compromise attack happens on your email account. So, to ascertain whether your email account password is compromised or not, look at Have I Been Pwned?

One of the advantages of using a password manager is that it generates some unique and not so easy to remember kind of password that we can use as our email account password.

2. Browsing Concerns

Every website, be it a search engine or social media or any simple website that one visits, collects user data and browsing habits. These data can expose many details about the user more than one can think of. Suppose one thinks that if they have never posted anything related to which political party is his preference, it can be known to video streaming websites like youtube by looking at your history. One must use some software or browser plugins that block ads and data they collect from users.

3. Anti-virus software is a must-have

Though virus attacks have come a lot globally, they still exist. To secure your windows-based computer system, Microsoft offers windows defender, and this tool works well against most viruses. And AV software is a must-have if you are sharing your pc resources over a network or using a shared computer located at some public place.

4. Keep Your OS and Other Software Up to Date

To keep hackers and crackers at bay, all the software development companies release updates for their clients, and it includes OS updates both for mobile and PC, popular software, and smart devices. It’s a good practice to keep the system update option automatically on. All three major OS for desktop and android and IOS provide this option. If you are using a third-party app, you need to find the option to install the update automatically.

5. Do not Install Cracked App

The Internet boasts almost every kind of cracked software, and many of the users are using it thinking nothing will happen to their pc and data. But every cracked app installed on the pc tracks the user’s location and harvests data from the device without the user’s consent.

One must never download any movies or web series from torrents or any other website that deals in piracy.

Have a habit of downloading software from the website of the makers of the software for pc and the mobile always download apps from the play store for android and from the store for iPhone users.


The Internet boasts articles related to how to protect your data. Policymakers of different countries, blue-chip tech businesses, entrepreneurs and civil rights activists are all talking about data privacy. Many companies want data to get an idea about the liking and disliking of their customers and serve them with better content. However, at the same time, a major threat associated with this is what if data is misused. Here is a simple guide for your data privacy.

Table of Content

  •  Use a Password Manager
  • Browsing Concerns
  • Anti-virus software is a must-have
  •  Keep Your OS and Other Software Up to Date
  • Do not Install Cracked App
  • Conclusion

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