How to Develop Mobile Wallet Apps?

Making payments has been made easier by the entry of cards. The idea of e-wallet apps is also replacing the cards today. E-wallet apps allow users to use specific apps to make payments and pay for their needs. 

Besides online banking facilities, e-wallet apps allow users all the essential 
facilities and reward the user for their every payment or according to what an e-wallet offers. Besides being easy to use, these apps are user-friendly and easy to use. But what are the must-have features for a Mobile Wallet App that makes e-wallets such demanding apps? Here we have mentioned some of the essential elements for an e-wallet app.

Must-have features for Mobile Wallet Apps

User Profile
It is the primary feature of any mobile app. Users must sign up by filling in their details such as name, address, mobile no, email id, Etc., and then successfully log in with the same credentials. In addition, users must be able to add their profile pic to their user profile. Also, make sure users can sign up/in using the email, Gmail, or Facebook profile.

Zero Minimum Transaction Limit
It could be a problem for the end-user. Many e-wallets have a condition to make a transaction of a minimum amount. It annoys the user, and the user will also feel unreliable. So, make sure that there is no minimum amount transaction limit set in your app.

Sync more than one bank account
Make sure your app allows syncing of more than one bank account in the app. Transaction through a single bank account may be impossible sometimes. So, users will find this feature more reliable and helpful.

Before you add this, make sure your app is safe and secure enough. Users will share their bank account details with the app, and a single app bug may lead to a big problem for the company.

Split bill option
It is also an essential feature for youngsters or High-schoolers. They can easily split the bill for anything between their friends or family. Also, this feature makes payment processing easier.

Enable Location
The main idea behind this feature is to track the device’s location from where the user made the payment. This feature may come in handy in a frauds situation. Also, this feature will serve as an e-receipt for users.

Reward points
As mentioned above, rewards are the best part of using e-wallets apart from their easy-to-use advantage. Today, Many e-wallets offer rewards to their users on making a payment through the app. These kinds of offers will attract users to use your app more. Some companies also use it for marketing their app. The companies such as Paytm offer this kind of reward to their users to keep them connected.

These are some of the Must-have features for an e-wallet app. Users often look for these features in their day-to-day use apps. Despite being safe and secure, these e-wallets offer an effective way of transactions. So if you’re thinking about developing an e-wallet app, make sure your e-wallet includes all these essential features mentioned above.