How to Develop an Internet of Things Application

How to Develop an Internet of Things Application

The Internet of Things is not a new concept now. IoT-based apps brought a whole new idea for app developers and opened many opportunities for developing incredible mobile apps.

By using IoT, you can also develop a perfect mobile app for your business to help you grow in every corner. But first, let’s understand what the IoT concept is.

What is IoT?

IoT – Internet of Things refers to a network where multiple things or physical objects are connected. IoT applications run on IoT devices, and users can control or modify devices as per their needs.

How to develop an IoT application?

There are four main components to develop a perfect IoT-Based application, and one should always prioritize these four components for their IoT-based application development.


The hardware includes various energy sensors that connect to the internet over Bluetooth or wi-fi connectivity. One can choose from custom hardware or a third party to implement their idea. A smartphone can also be included in the hardware part when developing an IoT-based application.

The software used for IoT applications must be a cloud-based application, and it can be a web or mobile application. The software must display the status and data from all the sensors connected to the network. Also, users must be able to manage and control all IoT devices from the given software. That is why the software used in IoT applications must be fast and robust.

The cloud:
The cloud is one of the essential parts of any IoT application network. Cloud is the backbone of any IoT-based application. The central part is the cloud processing the requests and arranging the data. Also, using the cloud can store all the data virtually on the internet, saving the trouble of physically maintaining the information.

The Network:
Also, the network connection is also a necessity. It would be best if you had a network to send the data back and forth. By back and forth, I mean you can send the data from a mobile phone or computer to sensors and vice-versa. Also, it is the job of a network that keeps all the devices connected.

Once you have figured out your way from all these 4, you can develop your IoT application.

Choose a platform

There are various platforms out there available for building your IoT application. You can choose the one which uses the latest technologies and at the cost of development.

These are some of the famous platforms for developing IoT-based applications.

    • HomeKit
    • Android Things
    • ThingWorx
    • Xively


Choose hardware

As mentioned above, you need to choose the hardware that suits your application idea in the next step. Pick out the best hardware devices that will be more useful in your app idea.

Make sure your app is secure.

By developing an IoT app, make sure your app is secure and scalable. Security is essential for an IoT app. As components communicate through the internet and cloud, they are more vulnerable than any other. So make sure your app follows all the necessary security protocols.


You can quickly develop an IoT app perfect for your business or personnel by following the above steps. Make sure the things mentioned above are followed, and there won’t be any other critical consequences.