How do you Calculate the Cost of Web Development?

09 MAY 2022

It is said that a great website can enhance your business growth in many folds. It can help businesses in many ways. For example, your sales will increase by making amazing first impressions, and your business will be able to retain customers. There are many marketing channels for businesses to use. One of them is to have an attractive website.
So, one should ask a question about the cost of developing a website that fulfills your business expectations.

So, one should ask a question about the cost of developing a website that fulfills your business expectations.

Difficult to Estimate the Cost of making a website

The cost of a web development project depends on many parameters. Two of the most important factors are the complexity of your web development requirement and the technology of choice to build a website. These two factors create a dependency, so generally, you can say that the development time will also be high if both the technology of choice and complexity are high. Some projects require a year to complete, while others take only 4 weeks.

You might find many tools that will help you estimate the cost of a web development project, but the quick results will hardly give you a fair cost estimation. Deciding the cost of web development is hard and somewhat tricky, and you won’t find a simple answer.

So how can you calculate the cost of the web development process in 2022? The answer can be obtained by considering multiple factors. This post will help you to decide on the cost of web development.

Below are some of the figures for the cost a web development project will attract in the US. Let’s go through it.

As per one research, making a website often costs around $1,000 (for a small website) to $95,000 and more (for an enterprise-level custom website).
The range of web development costs published by one research amounts to anywhere between $1000 for a small website to $95000 or more for an enterprise-level website.

For a small business, the cost to build a website could be less than $1,000 or more than $10,000.
The cost of a customized and feature-rich website can be around $30,000.
To create a website with some complexity level and thus needs customization, one needs to keep aside a budget of around $95,000 or more.
To create a website by paying a one-time fee, which includes many things, for example, prototyping and designing it, is somewhere between $12,000 to $150,000, with a periodic maintenance charge of $35 to $5000 per month—or $400 to $60,000 per year.

Let’s look at the below-mentioned aspects that will directly affect the web development cost.

Factors by Types and Purpose

Identifying the website’s purpose is one of the first things to do —a clear idea will help build a good website design to help fulfill your primary mission—to attract maximum customers.

Below is the list of different categories of websites that one will frequently encounter on the internet.

Personal website and blog

A blog or personal website is meant to share a range of news or a piece of advice with your readers. The average cost of a personal website is around $1,000 to $4,000.

Brochure (Landing web page)

A brochure website is suitable for small businesses where the website presents contact details along with an About Us page and the clickable option to send a request or some Call to Action (CTA). The average cost of landing page development services is $600 to $3,000.


A corporate or business website’s architecture and content focus more on the business’s marketing strategy by transmitting the business’s values to clients and thus engaging people online.

The development cost for a corporate website varies from $10,000 to $60,000.


The website is suitable for suppliers who can sell their products online and receive payments from the buyers. Some website that falls under this category includes Flipkart and eBay.

The average cost of an ecommerce website with 1000 to 10000 products is $5000 to $55,000.


This type of website is needed by the educational institute that delivers online classes.

Web Portal

All Informational websites(Websites that only have information on their web pages) can be called web portals, where they bring multiple web items together and offer search engines, emails, forums, and more. Some websites that fall under this category are Google and AOL.


This website is ideal for visitors looking for particular services, like jobs, real estate properties, car rentals, and hotels.

These websites will have information like a yellow page directory and search features based on location, feedback, and rating options.

Websites that fall under this category include Justdial and TripAdvisor.

Community building website

The sites are usually theme-based platforms. Some examples of websites that fall under this category include LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Apart from the type of website, many other factors have to be considered to calculate the cost of a website like User Interface and User Experience Design, Front-End Development and Back-End Development, if Content Management Systems (CMS) Development is used in web creation, Cost of Domain Name and website hosting, SSL Certificate, SEO, and other marketing cost.


To sum up, you might consider the most preferred choice of hiring a company that has its headquarters in India and has successfully provided web development services for UK clients.

Your website is the front end of your business; thus, Developing and maintaining a creative website should be your top priority.
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  • Corporate
  • eCommerce
  • Educative
  • Web Portal
  • Catalog
  • Community building website

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