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Hire dot net developers from Codeflash Infotech, as we have professionals who design and develop modern and scalable cross-platform applications. Our dot net application development team leverages their years of expertise to build custom web applications using dot net.

Pick from India's top-certified 1% dot net developers, skilled in building advanced, secure, and cross-platform applications using various Microsoft technologies. We help you build high-performing web solutions that are scalable, secure, and deliver high performance.

Hire Dedicated Dot Net Developers for the following Services

Hire talented dot net developers from Codeflash Infotech who are experienced in making efficient dot net solutions that help businesses grow rapidly and increase revenue. Our dot net developers are professionals in their field who are always prepared to provide the best dot net development services.


Custom Dot Net Software Development.

Hire dedicated dot net developers to create web applications aligning with your business requirements. We provide cost-effective and affordable software development services for small organizations, mid-sized, or an MNCs.


Cloud Integrations

Our team develops .NET web applications compatible with cloud services, prioritizing their security, speed, and reliability. Leverage our expertise with top cloud platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud.


Dot Net Migration

Want to migrate to the dot net framework from your legacy platform? Hire Hire offshore dot Net programmers from Codeflash Infotech to migrate or upgrade to the latest version of the dot net framework.


Support and Maintenance

Our dot net development team is well aware of the dot net technology. They offer complete support after launch for smooth operations and maintenance of the apps.


Microservices - Web API Development

Our team of skilled C# and VB.Net developers have extensive expertise in creating efficient and scalable microservices. These services function independently to help in seamless communication.


.NET Desktop App Development

Our team of .NET programmers can develop a variety of applications, such as high-performance Windows GUI apps, Windows Console apps, and Smart Client apps.

Skills of Codeflash dot net Developers

As a certified .NET development company, we employ highly skilled ASP.NET and mobile app developers to build high-performance applications. Our team of dedicated ASP.NET developers delivers stable and scalable desktop and web applications to meet your business needs.

Technical Skills

With years of expertise using dot net frameworks and technologies, our senior dot net developers can provide excellent solutions.

Non-Technical Skills

Effective team and client communication depends equally on non-technical skills. We provide the necessary soft skills for dot net programmers.

Hire Certified dot net App Developers as Per Project Needs

As a pre-eminent dot net development firm, we are home to developers with all levels of know-how, ranging from novice technicians to seasoned experts. Codeflash Infotech is a stop for seeking dedicated dot net developers or coders; you don't have to visit several sites. Competent dot net app developers are available based on your project's necessities and complications. Take your pick from our pool of dot net developers to find the perfect match.

Junior dot net Developer

0-3 Years of Working Experience,
5-10 Projects Delivered,
3500+ Development Hours Completed

Mid-level dot net Developers

2-4 Years of Working Experience,
15+ Projects Delivered,
7500+ Development Hours Completed

Senior dot net Developers

6+ Years of Working Experience,
20+ Live Projects Delivered,
11000+ Development Hours Completed

Lead dot net Developers

8+ Years of Working Experience,
25+ Live Projects Delivered,
15000+ Development Hours Completed

Technical Proficiency of Dedicated dot net Developers

At Codeflash Infotech, our team of skilled dot net developers have extensive knowledge and proficiency in various dot net technologies and frameworks. We take a tailored approach to technology selection, carefully assessing your project specifications to determine the optimal technology stack. Hire certified .NET developers to build innovative and scalable web solutions.

Why Choose Codeflash to Hire Dot Net Developers?

Our company offers a team of skilled and certified Flutter developers available for hire who possess extensive experience in the field. Our developers can provide superior-quality solutions for your business requirements. We cater to projects of every complexity, ranging from basic applications to intricate enterprise systems.

Best Coding Practices

As one of the most reputed .NET development companies, we adhere to best practices and industry standards to provide appealing web solutions. Thus, we guarantee to deliver the best quality products you have from us.

Flexible engagement models

We offer customized hiring models that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Hire dot net programmers for a short-term project or monthly, hourly, full-time, or part-time basis.

Transparency in Hiring Contracts

We prioritize transparency in our hiring process by clearly outlining the terms, project scope, and costs. It helps our clients understand the development process and associated expenses in detail.

Full authority over developers

We give our clients complete control over the development team. They can communicate with them anytime via Skype, get regular project updates, and get complete support for technical issues.

Lower Hiring costs

Compared to other outsourcing agencies, CodeFlash offers reduced hourly prices. Our dot net developer hiring services save additional costs for infrastructure, wages, and training.

Smooth Communication

Ask questions directly to our project manager and get quick answers in plain language. We avoid jargon and keep our clients informed with daily reports about the project's progress.

Steps to Hire Dedicated Dot Net Developers

Codeflash has the best dot net app developers for hire who are technically competent in managing the delivery of challenging projects. Following are the steps in hiring the best .NET developers based on your project needs.

Hire dot net Developers with Varied Technical Mastery

.NET With React

We build secure and scalable solutions leveraging the combination of .NET with React. The .NET with React blend handles UI concerns, data access, and authorization well.

Dot NET With C#

Our professional dot net programmers build custom web app solutions leveraging C#, supporting multiple operating systems. Thus, you can expand your presence on multiple platforms.

.NET With Angular

Hire professional dot net developers having deep expertise in C#, ASP.NET, and web APIs. They also possess strong knowledge of CSS, HTML5, BootStrap, and Angular development.

WPF Dot Net Developer

Hire a .NET developer from Codeflash Infotech to build custom desktop software using WPF features like control, data binding, modeling, service lifecycle, security, orientation, models, multiple patterns, interoperability, etc.

.NET With Azure

Our .NET Azure experts build custom .NET web applications using the Azure platform. We also leverage SQL databases to keep the data secure and easily accessible.

.NET With Python

Hire .NET programmers with extensive experience in leveraging Python. NET. We leverage Python's Artificial intelligence and Machine learning capabilities to build futuristic .NET solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Codeflash Infotech, for instance, dot net developers have at least five years of industry experience in the dot net technology domain. They will provide you with their deep expertise and be capable of constructing and implementing web projects.

Codeflash Infotech has a professional team of dot net developers with years of experience and expertise in developing web applications. Following are some reasons for hiring them:

  • Coders are easily available.
  • Short development time.
  • Deployment is hassle-free.
  • Ensure enhanced security.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.
Yes, you can hire dot net developers for hourly or project-related work. Nevertheless, it is important to clearly define the scope of work and expectations before starting the project so there are no differences between the parties.
Hiring a dot net developer on CodeFlash is easy, as there are different choices. You can find us on Skype, Email, WhatsApp, or phone calls. Our team will be the best experts within that business arena according to the set time.
We put much effort into providing a perfectly suited team of qualified, interviewed, and motivated dot net programmers for your project. Our engineers are among the most skilled 1% of developers in the country, and they will help you get the desired result.
The dot net framework helps you to create web apps, websites, CRM (customer relationship management systems), e-commerce portals, class libraries, console applications, and games. IoT applications and content management systems.