10 Best Car Pooling and Ride-Sharing Apps

10 Best Car Pooling and Ride-Sharing Apps for 2024


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Discover the top 10 carpooling & ridesharing apps that are revolutionizing how we travel! Experience an economical and environmentally friendly daily commute, all while seamlessly connecting with fellow drivers and passengers. Bid farewell to your everyday transportation hassles!

Top 10 Carpooling app Startups Doing well in recent time.

  1. Uber: Uber, launched in March 2009, is a leading global Best Carpooling and Ridesharing apps in 65+ countries, serving over 900 metropolises. It offers various services like UberX (regular trips), UberPOOL (shared rides), and UberBLACK (luxury rides).If you want to how futuristic Uber app is you can read our detailed article about Top Uber app Features while creating an uber clone app.
    • Date of beginning: Uber first appeared in March 2009. Uber has an extensive global market share, with operations in more than 65 countries and more than 900 metropolises.
    • Key Features: Uber offers several different modes of transportation, such as UberX (everyday rides), UberPOOL (shared rides), UberBLACK (luxury rides), and UberX (more oversized vehicles for group travel). The app includes cashless payments, fare forecasts, real-time driver tracking, and letting customers schedule rides in advance.
  2. Lyft: The well-known Best Carpooling and Ridesharing apps Lyft is accessible in many locations worldwide. Various transportation options are offered, including shared rides, standard Lyft rides, luxury services, and larger vehicles for group travel.
    • Launch In June 2012, Lyft was introduced.
    • Market Share: Lyft is a sizable ride-sharing industry player, especially in North America (the United States and Canada). It enjoys a substantial market share in these regions.
    • Key characteristics: Lyft provides a variety of transportation choices, including shared trips, everyday Lyft rides, Lyft Lux (luxury rides), and Lyft XL (more oversized vehicles). The app has a user-friendly layout and offers smooth booking and tracking. Users can divide fares, tip drivers, and select particular vehicle preferences.
  3. BlaBlaCar: BlaBlaCar is a Best Carpooling and Ridesharing website that links long-distance drivers with passengers going the same route. It emphasizes intercity travel and gives conventional transit options a cost-effective substitute.
    • Launched in 2006, BlaBlaCar.
    • Business Share: BlaBlaCar, a well-known carpooling site, dominates the long-distance carpooling business, especially in Europe.
    The primary function of BlaBlaCar is to match long-distance drivers with passengers traveling on the same route. It strongly emphasizes affordable travel, providing open pricing, verified profiles, user reviews, and a ranking system to guarantee security and dependability.
  4. DiDi: DiDi is a well-known Carpooling and Ridesharing apps network in China and other countries. DiDi Express, DiDi Premier, and DiDi Hitch are just a few of the transportation options it provides, along with other options like carpooling.
    • Launch Date: DiDi was launched in 2012.
    • Market Share: DiDi is a leading ride-sharing platform primarily operating in China. It controls a sizable portion of the Chinese ride-hailing business.
    • Key Features: A variety of transport options are provided by DiDi, including DiDi Express (regular trips), DiDi Premier (premium rides), and DiDi Hitch (carpooling). The app offers real-time driver tracking, fare estimates, convenient payment options, and safety features such as SOS buttons and emergency contacts.
  5. Via: Via is a Best Carpooling and Ridesharing apps program that emphasizes pooling and shared journeys. It reduces expenses and congestion by planning routes to pick up and drop off many people traveling in parallel directions.
    • Launch Year: 2012 saw the introduction of Via.
    • Market Share: Via is active in several American, European, and Asian cities. Although its market share could differ by location, it has become well-known in ride-sharing.
    • Key characteristics: Via concentrates on pooling and shared travel to cut expenses and congestion. The software optimizes routes to efficiently pick up and drop off several people traveling in the same direction. Via provides real-time ride tracking and reasonable price.
  6. Ola: Ola is a popular Best Carpooling and Ridesharing app in India offering various services: Ola Micro for cheap rides, Ola Mini for hatchback cars, Ola Prime for sedans, Ola Share for shared rides, and Ola Auto for auto-rickshaws. Enjoy convenient transportation with these options. Ola was introduced in December 2010.
    • Market Share: The popular Carpooling and Ridesharing apps  Ola operates primarily in India. Uber dominates India’s ride-hailing market.
    • Key characteristics: DiDi offers diverse options like DiDi Express, DiDi Premier, and DiDi Hitch. Ola provides Ola Micro, Ola Mini, Ola Prime, Ola Share, and Ola Auto for various travel choices.
  7. Gett Global Best Carpooling and Ridesharing app service in the US, UK, Russia & more. Reliable, convenient, and accessible. Book rides easily through the app. In addition to offering corporate transportation services, it provides on-demand rides with authorized taxi drivers.
    • Launch: Introduced in 2010, Gett quickly became a prominent ride-hailing service with a significant market share in the US, UK, Russia, and Israel. It offers its accessible platform in multiple countries, making it popular for users seeking reliable transportation options.
    • Key characteristics: Gett offers on-demand transportation from authorized taxi drivers. The app emphasizes dependability with pre-scheduled rides, straightforward pricing, real-time ride tracking, and round-the-clock customer service. Gett also provides business transport services.
  8. Gojek: Gojek started as a Carpooling and Ridesharing app but evolved into a comprehensive Southeast Asian multi-service platform. It now offers transportation, food delivery, shopping delivery, and a diverse range of services through a single app, efficiently catering to various customer needs.
    • Launch: Gojek was introduced in 2010.
    • Gojek dominates the Southeast Asian market with its multi-service platform. It caters to diverse needs by offering GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, GoPay, and more in a single app. From motorbike taxis to ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, and digital payments, Gojek’s extensive services have secured a substantial market share in the region. The app offers a complete platform for users’ daily needs—service for hailing cabsMiddle East and North Africa are where Careem does most of its business. Careem Go (cheap rides), Careem Business (premium rides), and Careem Kids (family-friendly rides) are just a handful of the services it offers. Careem was initially made available in 2012.
    • Market share: Well-known ride-hailing service Careem
  9. BBolt: A global Carpooling and Ridesharing app, BBolt (formerly Taxify), is available in many countries around Europe, Africa, and other continents. It provides on-demand transportation at fair costs with skilled drivers.
    • Bolt, Taxify’s substitute, made its debut in 2013.
    • Market share: The international Carpooling and Ridesharing app Bolt is available in many countries in Europe, Africa, and other continents. It currently holds a significant market share in several markets. With certified drivers, Bolt offers journeys on demand. Real-time ride tracking, upfront pricing, cashless transactions, and the option to critique and rate drivers are all features of the app.
  10. MyTaxi: Currently known as FREE Now, it was previously known as MyTaxi and primarily served the European market. It offers a quick and dependable transportation option, allowing customers to order taxis through the app. Launched date: 2009 saw the birth of MyTaxi, which is currently known as FREE Now. FREE NOW, a ride-hailing service primarily serving Europe, has a significant market share. It contains essential

Key Characteristics: Customers of FREE NOW have access to a simple and dependable mode of transportation by simply booking taxis through the app. The app provides functions like pre-booking, fare predictions, real-time tracking, cashless payments, and the option to select a preferred vehicle. FREE NOW is the ideal choice for versatile passengers. It offers various vehicle categories to suit every need. From cost-effective carpooling to efficient airport transfers, FREE NOW has it all. Enjoy quick and reasonably priced rides tailored to your location, preferences, and unique travel requirements. Choose FREE NOW for a seamless and personalized ride-sharing experience.


Carpooling and Ridesharing apps revolutionize travel with ease, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. Enjoy convenience & sustainability. From global leaders like Uber and Lyft to regional companies like BlaBlaCar and Grab, they offer ride alternatives, real-time tracking, cashless payments, and user ratings for a better experience. Enjoy flexibility, dependability, and reduced congestion and emissions. Stay updated on changing market shares and new players for informed transport decisions.we hope this article will help you to take decision. Certainly, if you’re interested in discovering the pricing details, you can explore our comprehensive article titled How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Ride-Sharing App Like Grab this will assist you in making a quicker decision. 

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