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5 Tips to create the perfect CTAs to increase website conversion Rate

5 August 2021

A Call To Action or commonly known as the CTA, is a marketing term. The purpose of CTA is to convert visitors into customers. For example, make visitors purchase a product, subscribe to a service, share experience feedback, Etc.

Commonly used CTAs may get you average results, but to get the desired results, you need a perfect unique CTA, but how? How can you create the ideal call-to-action that’ll increase your website conversion rate? Here are the top five tips on how to write a perfect CTA to increase website conversion rate keeping you in mind.

Deliver a clear message

The text on your CTA button must be clear as ice.

The text needs to be:

● Straight forward – The text should reflect the exact purpose of the

● Effective – The button must look beneficial to the user.

● Create urgency – highlight time-limited or limited stock offers.

Visitors are most likely to try your product if you are offering a limited-time free trial. If you ask visitors to buy the service on the first visit, they will deny it. Instead, offering them a free trial can increase your website conversion rate by up to 350%.

Give a free trial.

Offer a free trial of your paid service or product to the visitors. The free trial CTA is a famous tactic. Especially for the companies selling software as a service(SaaS).

Offering a free trial is not enough. Make sure you do not lose the trial users by the end of the trial period.

Use Attractive verbs and words.

As mentioned above, CTAs need to be crystal clear. The audience must get the idea of the purpose by the first look at the CTA.

Using action verbs is a great way to attract visitors. Research and use action verbs according to your specific CTA.

Here are some words that users find attractive:
● Trial
● Increase
● Discover
● Free
● Discount
● Profit
● Secret
● More

Try adding them to your CTA, and you will end up getting the perfect CTA by yourself.

Create a customized statement

Try giving your CTA a personal touch. Your CTA must make the user feel that the offer is made for their help purpose.

‘I want a better life is better than ‘Click here to get a better life for a CTA. When using email marketing, try using the original name of your customer. It will make users feel that the email has been personalized for them. Try to form an emotional bond with your customer

A reassuring CTA

A CTA should be reassuring to your clients. For example, a single mouse click or hover must confirm an action. The confirmation could be any, visual or audible.

Also, Not Confirming the action may leave users assuming and make them repeat the doing.

Also, assure users that they can reverse the action at any time. For example, Netflix allows users to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

You now have enough knowledge to create perfect CTAs for your business to increase your website conversion rate. While Creating CTAs, be creative and think differently. Also remember, Too many CTAs will lose the purpose of CTA.

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The text on your CTA button must be clear as ice. 

Give a free trial.

Here are some words that users find attractive

Create a customized statement

A reassuring CTA

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