Why is it important for your company to focus on user experience and customer experience?

28 March 2022

In the present scenario, when we expect 5G technology, the user will feel frustrated if a web page doesn’t load fast. In 2022 everybody wants access to the latest technology, which saves time. The same is true when it comes to checking websites and mobile applications. One of the ranking factors for search engines is page load time, and it is recommended that webpage on desktop as well as on mobile should load in less than 3 seconds; otherwise, the bounce rate will go high and that adversely affect all the marketing and branding efforts made by the company and ultimately damage their online presence. So, to avoid this loss UI/UX team will come to the rescue. Below are some advantages which a company can have if it has a good team of UI/UX.

1. Ropes in new customer

Customer acquisition is about making them believe that your products and services are worth their money. There are many ways to rope in new customers, one of the ways is to know about user experience. To survive in the competitive market, the products or services of a business must offer a great user experience all the time, and it gives a business a very strong competitive advantage over its rivals. If a website has a web researched UI, it becomes easy to convert visitors into customers.

2. Helps in customer retention

It becomes important to invest as much effort as a company to get new customers and get valuable feedback from existing customers. Customer retention strategy aims at maximizing revenue from the existing customers. If the product gives users a nice experience, they will use it repeatedly.

3. Overall improvement in development

It’s very easy to identify which website is poorly designed and which website is designed after careful planning by looking at colour schemes and navigation hierarchy. If a website is designed poorly, it suffers a high bounce rate that negatively affects branding. That is why a business needs to have an experienced UI/UX developer that will ultimately save time and cost.

4. Increased user engagement

Employees feel bored if there is no properly streamlined website design. A standard UI system can lessen errors and will help in smooth functioning. Always highlight important keywords or paragraphs and use light colours.

5. Increase in employee’s productivity

Suppose a user does not spend enough time on your website or app. In that case, that culled that (UX) user experience represents low quality, and it will ultimately shatter your financial goals, branding goals, and other goals. So, it becomes a matter of priority to pay attention to user engagement, and it can be achieved if UI/UX is properly implemented. One can also look at several design ideas available on the internet and look at themes. If a theme is selected, performing a/b or multivariant testing will give the UI/UX team, and call-to-action will also attract visitors to take important actions on websites.

Table of Content

Ropes in new customer

Helps in customer retention

Overall improvement in development

Increased user engagement

Increase in employee’s productivity

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