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Topmost Databases to Develop React Native Apps in 2021

13 August 2021

Startups and businesses choose React Native App Development to cover up the development time cost-effectively. As a result, react Native is the Most Popular Cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Demand for React Native is rising day by day. As a business owner, you should be aware of popular app development apps to grow your business. To deliver high performance, developers always choose the best equipment and services. Also, selecting the correct database is required to provide the appropriate performance. Here are Top 5 best databases to use for React Native App Development.

Topmost Databases for React Native App Development

1. Firebase 

Firebase is the best choice for React Native Apps. If your app uses more offline features such as offline data updates and syncs, Firebase is the Right choice for you. Google owns Firebase.

By using Firebase with NoSQL, one can easily manage MVC-based apps. The best advantage of using Firebase SDK is that the user will get automatic app updates.


  • Easily accessible through phone.
  • Perfect for real-time offline data using apps.
  • Allows Real-time data sync for all users.

2. Realm

The Realm is an open-source, Object-Oriented database. Database Realm offers ten times faster performance than other relational databases. In addition, it supports intricate data types for offline and real-time apps.

Developers choose realm databases to enhance the performance of React Native App.


  • The Realm includes a significant number of APIs.
  • Realm uses Multiple encoding standards.

3. Watermelon

WatermelonDB is also a widely used Database for React Native Apps. Watermelon Database is built on SQLite and offers exceptional performance.

WatermelonDB handles data in low-end devices perfectly. It can also manage highly cached and multithreaded async functions.


  • Static typing with the flow.
  • Allows simple data plugging.

4.  MYSQL 

MYSQL is a popular Mobile App Database. The thread-like memory assignment makes it quicker compared to other Databases. Also, MYSQL is super compatible with React Native and includes libraries to help developers use SQLite.

Developers can also use AsyncStorage to save data locally on the app device.


  • MYSQL is the most preferred and desirable database in the finance and
    banking industries.
  • It includes a password-enabled encoding system securing multiple
    security levels.
  • It has a host-based authentication feature making it more flexible.

5.  Pouch

PouchDB is an open-source Javascript Database. PouchDB maintains data in JSON formats. PouchDB allows apps to save locally on the device and sync it online on the compatible servers when the network connection is available.

Data protection is easy with its built-in authentication system.


  • It allows developers to integrate data with any supported server.
  • PouchDB supports SSL, which implies developers can easily encode data
    with AES256.


These are the best React Native Databases. Before choosing a database for your app, create a list of requirements and then go for the one that suits your app better. The database is the heart of your app. Choose it wisely.

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