Google AdX – who is the official partner of Google AdX?

06 JUN 2022
Google AdX is an abbreviation for Google Ad Exchange. Google AdX is a digital advertising platform for businesses to market their business online and make it available to users worldwide. As the name suggests, Google AdX is owned by Google Inc. Google AdX is used by publishers of all sizes. Let’s first get the basics about Google AdX.

What is Google AdX?

Google AdX is a Digital Advertising Platform purchased by Google in 2008. Google AdX allows publishers to sell their ad inventory space to the advertisers through real-time bidding.

Being an open marketplace for an ad exchange, Google AdX allocates display ads and ad space more effectively across the web. Sellers will quickly get money by selling just a few pixels for the ad space, contacting more buyers, and controlling who can post the ad in their ad space. Also, the buyers will get more options to choose from for where to post their ad.

Google AdX is believed to generate more revenue than other platforms. But also requires more incredible dedication and attention.

There are Many Official Partners of Google AdX.

Affinity, Anymind, Clickio, Etc., are some of the famous official partners of Google AdX. You can also check the full link on the official Google AdX Site from here.

The official Google AdX partners help sellers and buyers to use Google AdX efficiently for the purpose of Digital Marketing. The official partners are experts in Google Ad Manager, Google AdSense, or Google AdMob. Some of the official partners offer services such as Apps Ad Monetization & Optimization. Direct Deals, Direct Sales, Programmatic Direct, Real-time bidding, Technical Support, Video Ad Monetization & Optimization, Website Ad Monetization & Optimization.

People looking forward to using Google AdX should reach out to the official partners for sure. They can increase their sales and business growth by simply using Google AdX for marketing purposes. A genuine partner will guide you through the whole process, making a great way to succeed. Publishers buying and selling the ad space will get a significant business boost from Google AdX.

To say, precisely Google AdX is specifically suitable for large businesses with enough knowledge of the IT industry, and they can use the full potential of Google AdX. Small businesses can also use Google AdX, but Google Adsense is a much better choice for them.

If you are thinking about using Google AdX for marketing your business or business product, you should look for a genuine Google AdX official partner. Contact them immediately and discuss your idea. They will help you in every possible aspect.

Get into contact with one of the officials and get started. If you think your business lacks something in marketing, trust Google AdX.

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